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Noisy jets? Roundtable will air complaints


Aeroacoustics study the effect of high-speed flows. Graphic: Stanford University

May 14. By Dave Vieser. With warmer temperatures and our windows open, many residents in Lake Norman believe the noise from jets at Charlotte Douglas has increased.

It’s difficult to know for sure whether that’s a fact, according to Sayle Brown, the Cornelius representative on the CLT Airport Community Roundtable. Thirty-plus members of the ACR—established in 2017—represent different areas in the Charlotte region.


The possibility of a fourth runway at CLT has resulted in a series of public workshops this spring during which residents can voice their comments on jet noise.

The ACR will hold workshops May 17 and May 18 to give people an opportunity to make statements regarding jet noise and the new fourth runway. Click here to comment. The May 17 workshop begins at 1 pm; May 18 at 6 pm.

Jet noise up and down

Regarding jet noise, people spent more time at home during the pandemic and noticed jet noise simply because they were home, Brown said.

“Even though there has been a reduction in passenger air traffic, there has been an increase in cargo air traffic; FedEx, Amazon & UPS, especially in the early morning/late night time frames,” Brown said, explaining that the mix is changing as COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease.

To register a complaint about jet noise, residents can call 704-359-HEAR