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No fines for sewage spills on Paradise Cove

No swimming marker on Paradise Cove

July 14. By Dave Yochum. Neither private contractor responsible for sewage spills on June 29 and July 12 on Paradise Cove will be fined according to sources at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services.

The county-wide agency “typically does not assess penalties for first time offenders where there is no indication of negligence or intent.”

—On July 12, a contractor for TDS hit a sewer line while directional boring.

—On June 29, a landscape contractor ran over a sewer box which caused the line to break.

Both incidents were considered accidental.

No Swimming

A no swimming advisory was still in effect at noon today.


Both spills are minuscule compared to a 20,000 gallon spill in 2016 near the Lakewood subdivision in Denver.