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NC Supreme Court postpones primary to May

Dec. 9. By Dave Vieser. The NC Supreme Court has issued a preliminary injunction ruling that the state’s March 2022 primary be pushed back to May 17 so it can review and offer a decision on two lawsuits challenging maps for Congress and the state’s General Assembly.

What this means for all candidates

Candidates who have already filed will be accepted as candidates for the May primary, unless they choose to withdraw. Candidates who have not yet filed will now need to wait for the revised filing period relative to the May 17 primary.

How this impacts local candidates

The decision potentially impacts some local candidates including incumbent NC Sen. Natasha Marcus, a Democrat who represents NC Senate District 41. The redistricting double-bunked her in a newly formed district with Republican incumbent Vickie Sawyer.


“We are confident that the courts will reject these maps because they violate the Voting Rights Act and the NC Constitution,” Marcus said. “However, litigation will take time so I am weighing my options for the next election cycle.“

On the GOP side, several candidates, including Huntersville Mayor John Aneralla, announced plans to run for the newly created District 13 in the US House of Representatives. Whether all of the prospective candidates still cho0se to run on a delayed primary schedule remains to be seen.

ANERALLA / Jason Benavides photo

When a decision is expected

In the injunction, the trial court is directed to hold proceedings so that a written decision can be made on or before January 11, 2022. This would be followed by an expedited appeals process if needed.