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Political redistricting could threaten Sen. Marcus in District 41


Aug. 26. By Dave Vieser. Will Cornelius lose Sen. Natasha Marcus because of redistricting? It could happen as soon as 2022.

By most accounts, Marcus, (SD 41-D) has been an effective representative in the Republican-dominated North Mecklenburg area, so much that the GOP didn’t field a candidate to run against her last year.

However, initial 2020 US Census data suggests that GOP leaders will remap some districts to regain a super majority.

Iredell County?

One theory has Marcus’ district being merged into Iredell County, which is traditionally strongly Republican.

Andy Yates

That could place Cornelius, as well as possibly Davidson, in a new district with Mooresville.

If Marcus runs and loses to a Republican, that’s one more GOP senator to count towards them regaining a super majority.

Or Charlotte?

Political consultant Andy Yates has handled many local GOP campaigns. The Huntersville resident explained that District 41 includes parts of Charlotte.

“Natasha’s district encompasses a significant portion of Northern Charlotte which has different needs and issues than Huntersville, Cornelius or Davidson” Yates said. “So putting them together, even it crosses the county line, might work because they have more in common.”

It’s still early, but

Marcus says it’s too soon to say what will happen, but in a recent letter to her supporters she said that “these North Mecklenburg towns should be kept with areas that share our common interests and sense of community.”

The first rendition of the new maps will likely be unveiled in early October, and a legal challenge is more than likely.

Redistricting is not just a Republican tool. Historically, it’s been used by whatever political party is in power in Raleigh, often in an attempt to put together a veto-proof super majority.