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NC Republicans likely to vote on delaying primaries—again

Jan. 18. The state’s political primary rollercoaster continues:

—A hearing in State Supreme Court on the morning of Wednesday Feb. 2. With primary filing currently scheduled to begin on Feb. 18, this raises serious concerns as to whether the state can meet the current primary filing dates leading up to the May 17 primary.

—State Republicans may vote to further delay this year’s primary from May to June 7.

The Feb. 2 hearing date is the result of an appeal filed by plaintiffs seeking to reverse a decision by three trial judges who declined to overturn the congressional and General Assembly districts enacted by the state legislature in November.

The plaintiffs claim that the new district maps are partisan and dilute the power of minorities. Republicans naturally disagree, supporting the new maps.

In their decision, the three judges admitted that the new maps “are a result of intentional, pro-Republican partisan redistricting.” But they said overturning the maps was outside of their jurisdiction.

Local impact

Incumbents and potential candidates are standing on the sidelines waiting for a final decision from the court before deciding whether they will run in 2022.