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Important Dates

Meeting Sept. 26 will address lake weed and algae growth

Growth in lake at the 18th hole at The Peninsula Club

Sept. 25. A variety of lake-related officials and interested parties will meet Tuesday Sept. 26 at 2 pm at The Peninsula Club to discuss an outbreak of algae and grassy weeds affecting some coves in Lake Norman.

Attendees include a representative from US Sen. Thom Tillis’ office as well as officials from Duke Energy and Mecklenburg County Storm Water. The meeting is open to the public.

“I have it near my dock and it is noxious and hard to deal with,” said lakefront resident Bob Watson. He spent several hours raking sludge-like matter from the waters behind his house on Coveside Lane.

The goal is to do something about it now, before more growth occurs next year. “It will continue to expand if we don’t intercede,” Watson said.

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This is not the same as hydrilla, which changes the pH of the water while removing oxygen. Besides hindering water flow, hydrilla blocks aquatic life from receiving vital nutrients