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Letter from Hough: What teachers have done is ‘amazing’

Sept. 2. Letter to the Editor: I just want to say that what the teachers of this state have done to organize an online education for all of the students has been truly amazing. With everything going on right now, their ability to put something like this together is incredible. I want to thank them and the staff of the schools for what they have done and prepared for students.

They have organized the pick-up and distribution of Chromebooks from the schools to the students. They have made the daily life of online school fairly easy with all of the meetings and learning. They post online assignments for classwork and homework. They also have organized a daily schedule for all students to follow.

They did this with virtual meetings and strict time constraints. I just want to say thank you to all of the staff of these schools for their organized preparation.

Cameron Niblack

—Cameron Niblack

Cameron is a sophomore at William A. Hough High School. His parents are Stephanie and Ty Niblack of Cornelius