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Jetton power outage not related to Electricities outage Thursday

Sept. 15. Electric power went out Sunday morning for nearly 900 Duke Energy customers in Cornelius, mostly down Jetton Road. Duke said power would be restored around 12:30 pm but it came back on at about 10:23 am having gone out 90 minutes before.

This part of the Duke Energy grid has suffered through a number of failures in the past. Power is on at the Harris Teeter, but out at Waterbean across Jetton.

The new power outage in this area wasn’t related to a power outage on Thursday night on the east side of I-77, caused by “metering equipment failure” at an Electricities substation. The outage lasted about an hour. Electricities operates the town-owned power system.

The National Weather Service says it will be a little warmer today than yesterday, with a high of around 87 in Cornelius.