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Holston closes 10 offices; HMG, Novant will help ex-patients


April 12. By Dave Yochum. Holston Medical Group has pulled the plug on 10 out of 13 offices in Lake Norman and North Charlotte, and “dismissed” a total of 35 physicians, many of whom had apparently planned to join a new group practice headed up by Dr. David Cook and Dr. Ehab Sharawy, both of whom led a startling mass departure from Novant a year ago.

The Holston offices that remain are:

13620 Reese Blvd. E, Huntersville (OB-GYN)
123 Professional Park Drive, Mooresville (Family Medicine)
150 Fairview Road, Mooresville (Family Medicine)

The new mass departure is even more startling: Holston over the weekend said it has released all 35 physicians from patient care responsibility.

A spokeswoman said the providers are also released from their contracts with Holston and are “free to practice without any legal restrictions under any agreement with HMG. They are not prohibited from seeing patients.”

Unknown is when Cook and Sharawy will open the new practice.

Patients in the lurch

Holston’s abrupt closure has left possibly thousands of patients in the lurch, including those who are pregnant and have chronic conditions ranging from asthma to cancer.

One emailed Cornelius Today: “34 weeks pregnant and freaking out!!!”

Another: “I have lung cancer and other underlying conditions. My husband has heart problems. At this time in the midst of the pandemic this does not show any concern for their patients. Now we have no primary care physician.”

And another: “I am 38 weeks pregnant and as of my Thursday appointment all was good. Now my office is marked as closed for my appointment next week and i’m not sure who’ll be at the hospital when I go into labor. SHAME on HMG. It has been a nightmare with them- NOT my doctors, who have been wonderful and I know have always had my best intentions at heart. So mad and disappointed.”

(Cornelius Today has received more than four dozen letters and messages regarding Holston. We have not included names out of respect for patient privacy.)

Conflict apparent

The Holston spokeswoman said the Tennessee-based healthcare provider is “not trying to withhold information. The reality is we have unfortunately not been given any information regarding where these physicians are setting up to practice outside of an email address that we have shared with patients who have inquired.”

Repeated efforts to reach Cook and Sharawy have not been successful.

A ‘dramatic reduction’

Holston said the “past few months have seen some changes,” including preparing for the planned departure of 35 physicians who resigned, presumably to join Cook and Sharawy.

“Honoring scheduled patient visits and contracts, these physicians were scheduled to transition out of practice with us in September of 2020. That being said, COVID-19 has impacted many healthcare organizations like ours in surprising ways. With urgent COVID-19 cases being admitted to hospitals and the stay-at-home order limiting check-ups and elective care, we have seen a dramatic reduction in physician office visits.”

The reduction, presumably in revenue, “significantly” impacted Holston, which suggests finances were behind the decision to close 10 offices.


At close of business Good Friday all 35 physicians were dismissed and support staff for 10 locations were let go. Holston seemed unprepared on a business and patient relations level. Saturday morning they incorrectly included former locations as existing locations.

The Holston spokeswoman said patients directly impacted by a departing physician, will receive a notification in the mail early next week.

Novant Health will accept Holston patients as per a new partnership agreement.

Novant provided these phone numbers for HMG patients

Primary care: 704-384-1729

OB/GYN: 704-316-4830

Piedmont HealthCare OB/GYN

Piedmont HealthCare is also accepting OB/GYN patients at its Lake Norman office at 131 Medical Park Road Suite 102 in Mooresville. More info at www.piedmonthealthcare.com

Holston said concerned patients can call them at 1-877-464-1213 for assistance.

Holston said they have not received “any information on where the doctors intend to practice.”

However, an email address: 1healthphysicians@gmail.com was shared. Cornelius Today did not receive a response from that email asking for the opening date, locations and number of doctors coming on board.