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Gilroy: 22 years on Town Board was the ‘pleasure of a lifetime’

Dave Gilroy

Dec. 27. By Dave Vieser. Town Commissioner Dave Gilroy, who wrapped up his final Town Board term earlier this month, says it’s been “the pleasure of a lifetime” to serve the town he loves for more than two decades.

Gilroy was first elected to the Town Board in 2005 when Gary Knox was mayor. He was re-elected to the board for several terms until 2019, when he and his wife both ran, more than likely diluting his vote totals.

He roared back in 2021, winning the highest vote total for the board and the mayor pro tem slot, but chose not to run again this year.

Known as the town’s budget watchdog, Gilroy was never afraid to disagree with previous mayors, especially on fiscal matters, yet they all maintained a reasonably cordial relationship.

During the most recent election, he supported Denis Bilodeau who lost by five votes to Mayor Woody Washam.

Gilroy left the door slightly ajar for a possible future run for office. “You never say never in this business.”