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Cornelius News

Funeral procession heading this way

Even in a light rain, hundreds turned out.

*Update: Hundreds of people are gathered on the bridge over I-77 at exit 28. The procession lasted a half hour.

Hundreds gathering on the bridge

Annabel Wheeler – 14 yrs old

Our Firefighters

Police are sounding sirens in response to the overwhelming turnout

Procession down I-77

Cheri Lofquist and Pat Jackson pay their respects

Cornelius Police Chief Kevin Black says the procession of First Responder vehicles in honor of Mooresville Officer Jordan Sheldon is preparing to leave Calvary Church at around 1 pm.  He estimates its arrival in Cornelius sometime between 1:40 and 2 pm. The timing, of course, cannot be precise because of all the logistics between here and Charlotte, as well as the size of the procession. The northbound ramp onto I-77 will be closed.

Officer Sheldon was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop.