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Feb. 2 coronavirus update; more vaccines coming

Feb.2. The decline in the median number of new COVID cases over the past seven days compared to the past month is continuing in North Carolina. The new case volume is down 13.9 percent this past week compared to the past 31 days, based on data from Johns Hopkins University.

One week ago, the decline across the same parameters was only 5.8 percent.

The NC Dept. of Health & Human Services today reported 2,926 new cases of COVID-19 today, the smallest increase since December. To view the NCDHHS coronavirus dashboard, click here.

Hospitalizations fell for the fourth straight day: 2,741 statewide down from 3,368 one week ago.

Vaccine News

The White House says it will increase overall, weekly vaccine supply to states, Tribes, and territories to 10.5 million doses nationwide beginning this week. This is a 22 percent increase since Jan. 20.


There were 67 new deaths statewide attributable to the coronavirus, for a total of 9,409 since the outbreak began in North Carolina 11 months ago. There were one new death in Huntersville, on top of two over the weekend.

There have been a total of 766 COVID-related deaths in Mecklenburg since the beginning of the outbreak in March of last year.

In terms of new cases, the NCDHHS reported 17 new cases in Davidson, more than in Cornelius and Huntersville, which may be a reporting anomaly.

Nationwide, there have been 443,923 COVID-related deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.


The statewide positive test rate is at 10.2 percent, down from 15-16 percent at the beginning of the year. The positive test rate in Mecklenburg was 11.1 percent in today’s report.


In Mecklenburg County, the NCDHHS reported 373 new cases, down from 466 new cases yesterday and 585 new cases exactly one week ago.

North Mecklenburg

Cornelius: 10 new cases, 2,229 cumulative; 21 deaths total.

Davidson: 17 new cases, 1,228 cumulative; 12 deaths total.

Huntersville: 11 new cases, 4,563 cumulative; 43 deaths total.