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FAQs on drink sales after 11 pm

July 31. The sale of individual alcoholic beverages after 11 pm comes to halt tonight, due to COVID-19. To review frequently asked questions, click here. For example, you can’t order three drinks at 10:59 pm and expect to be served. (But you can’t do that in North Carolina, regardless of time.)


One Response to “FAQs on drink sales after 11 pm”

  1. The question is: How many drinks are you allowed before 11:00 pm, at which time you get in your car and drive home? No one talks about the dangers of drunk driving, especially not the Cornelius leaders who originally opted out of the early closure rule. Anyone having three drinks before or after 11 pm is a problem both to self as well as to other motorists.

    Posted by Ken | August 3, 2020, 2:56 pm

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