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Earth Day: Cornelius student wins Boomerang Water design contest

Design contest winner Gianna Ziegler

April 22. Gianna Ziegler, an 11th grader at the Community School of Davidson, has won Boomerang Water’s bottle design contest.

The buildings in the Cornelius student’s illustration represent actual structures in Davidson.

Her Earth Day-inspired artwork will be featured on 2,000 limited edition glass bottles of Boomerang Water.

Craft water in bottles

Boomerang is a craft water subscription service based in Davidson that launched in October in 5,000 square feet with six employees.

The company’s mission is to eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles with the help of a milk-man style pickup and drop-off service featuring high-strength refillable glass water bottles.

Founder Jason Dibble said more than.$3 million has been invested in the company which has eight employees.

Gianna’s art teacher at the Community School is Lee Ann Harrison

Free at the Farmers Market

The special edition bottles will be distributed free at the Davidson Farmers Market on Saturday.

Students from Community School of Davidson, Davidson Day School, Davidson Green School, Davidson K-8, and Woodlawn School submitted hand drawn and digital designs. Charleston-based artist Sam Sidney, best known for playful portraits of celebrities, food and drinks made of felt, judged the competition.