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Early Voting tallies are in

Nov. 5.​ (7:50 pm) Results from Early Voting are in. While not a final determination of any kind, Early Voting results are merely an indication of voter preferences exercised during the weeks preceding


Election Day. Early voting results may favor Democrats, even though local elections are non-partisan.

​In Huntersville, incumbent Mayor John Aneralla out-polled challenger Rob Kidwell 55 percent to 44 percent or 1321 to 1186 votes during Early Voting.

In Cornelius, Mayor Woody Washam garnered 1,335 votes in Early Voting, having run unopposed for a second term.

The results from today’s voting will trickle in during the next several hours. The offices are two-year terms.

In order, the Early Voting commissioner tallies are:

​Denis P. Bilodeau​, ​1,058​ votes, or ​17.08%
Michael (Mike) Miltich​, ​951​ votes, ​ or 15.35%
Thurman Ross Jr.​, ​938​ votes or ​15.14%
Jim Duke​, ​908​ votes, or ​14.65%
Tricia Sisson​, ​793​ votes, or ​12.80%
Dave Gilroy​, ​666​ votes or ​10.75%
Diane Gilroy​, ​534​ votes, or ​8.62%
Ava Callender​, ​329​ votess (Dropped out)

Only the top five finishers will win seats on the board.

In the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board race, local favorite Jennifer De La Jara is doing well. The Davidson resident is in second place among 13 candidates.


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