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COVID-19 new cases exceed 140,000, but rate of increase is less

Using Johns Hopkins data, Cornelius Today compiled a chart of North Carolina’s new confirmed COVID-19 from July 13 through Aug. 12. The median number of cases since July 13 is 1,766 statewide, while the median over the past 7 days is lower at 1,398.

Aug. 13. By Dave Yochum. Based on data from Johns Hopkins University, the median of new confirmed COVID-19 cases statewide each day during the past seven days is 20.8 percent lower than the median from July 13 through Aug. 12. Focusing on a county level, Mecklenburg’s new COVID-19 case numbers are 24.2 percent lower this past week compared to the preceding month, according to JHU. (See chart below.)

It’s good news as far as forecasting is concerned. Deaths, which can take weeks if not months to be recorded, are still rising. Yesterday, the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services reported 45 new deaths statewide, up from 32 new deaths on Tuesday.

Today, there were 38 new deaths reported by the NCDHHS at noon today. In early July the total COVID-19 death count statewide stood at less than 1,400. Now it’s at 2,287 statewide, 246 in Mecklenburg, up three from yesterday.


Hospitalizations statewide also rose: Up eight today, coming off a decline of 60 yesterday, for a total of 1,070 statewide, according to NCDHHS.


Statewide testing numbers have been revised downward, based on reporting errors from LabCorp. North Carolina over-counted its tally of completed coronavirus tests by 200,000 since the start of the pandemic. The error, announced yesterday, doesn’t affect key measures such as the percentage of positive test results.

Tests statewide are coming back positive at the rate of 7 percent.


In Mecklenburg, which has been the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in North Carolina, positive tests are also coming back at 7 percent.

The NCDHHS reported three new deaths today in Mecklenburg, down from 10 new deaths on Wednesday. There were 191 new cases reported, up from 150 yesterday and 147 on Tuesday.

The total number of cases since the outbreak began is now 22,803 in Mecklenburg.

Based on data from Johns Hopkins University, Mecklenburg accounts for 11.1 percent of new cases statewide.

Mecklenburg, which has 10 percent of the state’s population, has dropped from 17 percent of new cases in North Carolina, to 14 percent and 12.5 percent as recently as last week.

North Meck

Cornelius: Seven new cases in today’s report for a total of 371 cumulative. Deaths unchanged, at 16 cumulative

Davidson: No new cases today, total of 212 cumulative. Deaths unchanged, at five cumulative

Huntersville: Nine new cases today for a total of 669 cumulative. Deaths unchanged from yesterday to today, but up four since late July for a total of 10.

Back to school

As some students return to school for the 2020-2021 school year, North Carolina remains paused in Safer At Home Phase 2 until at least Sept. 11.

Over the past seven days, Mecklenburg has averaged 11.1 percent of the state’s new confirmed cases per day