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Confederate monuments will be topic of UiC large group meeting this month

Dr. Hilary N. Green, Davidson College, Professor of Africana Studies

April 14. Guest speaker Hilary N. Green, Davidson College, professor of Africana Studies, will explore the topic “Confederate Monuments — what’s all the fuss?” at the Unity in Community large group meeting Saturday, April 29.

Green will speak on what was the catalyst for the Civil War, the aftermath and the purpose of monuments, including their legacy.

Her presentation will be 10 am to noon April 29 at the Davidson United Methodist Church Chapel, 302 S. Main St., Davidson.

There will be a Q&A as well as round-table discussions.

Green, who has a Ph.D. in history from UNC Chapel Hill, explores the intersections of race, class and gender in pre-1920 African American history, Reconstruction Studies and Civil War Memory.

Prior to coming to Davidson for the Vann Professor of Ethics in Society, 2020-2021, Green worked as an associate professor in the Department of Gender and Race Studies at The University of Alabama.

Local Confederate monument

A monument stands in front of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, on a square of privately owned property, and commemorates the local Confederate dead.

It shows a Confederate Common Soldier statue atop a tall tapered column.The soldier stands at parade rest, facing north with his rifle resting on the ground.

The church would like the monument removed, but has not been successful in its effort.