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CMS has phone help-line for Plan B Plus Remote

July 20. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Call Center is prepared to field questions, concerns and comments about Plan B-Plus Remote for reopening schools on Aug. 17. In Plan B-Plus Remote, CMS students will attend school in-person on a rotational basis during the first two weeks of the school year. Beginning in week three, all students will receive remote instruction only.

The number is 980-343-3001. The answer line, available in English and Spanish, had a one- or two-minute wait around 11:30 am Monday.

The onboarding period will consist of students being assigned to one of three groups; one-third of students will be assigned to group A, the next one-third will be assigned to group B, and the next one-third to group C. Students will attend in-person onboarding instruction on their group’s assigned days within the first two weeks of the school year.

After the onboarding days, Plan B-Plus Remote will offer a remote learning environment for all students, which also provides the flexibility for more teachers and staff to work remotely. Starting in week three – when remote learning begins – students will not receive in-person instruction but CMS buildings will be open for staff for essential functions.

The CMS plan is designed to address worsening COVID-19 conditions and was an option given to districts by N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper in a statewide announcement on Tuesday.

“This is a difficult time for families with hard choices on every side,” Cooper said. “I am committed to working together to ensure our students and educators are as safe as possible and that children have opportunities to learn in the way that is best for them and their families.

CMS is expected to communicate additional details about the plan soon. Parents are encouraged to update their contact information with their schools to ensure they receive this timely information. Parents should also expect to receive information from their child’s school with specific information related to the first two weeks of school.