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Car culture drives demand for condos, club

The Werks President David Van Epps (standing) with Martin Steger, one of Sonderwerks’ Master Mechanics.

Sept. 14. By Dave Vieser. The Werks, a luxury garage condominium planned on Chartown Drive, will give auto enthusiasts a place to not only store their prized possessions, but to gather and entertain as well.

Plans include an 1,800-square-foot clubhouse for automotive enthusiasts


“We will have a total of 89 units that range in size from approximately 1,200 to 1,600 square feet,” said entrepreneur David Van Epps.


Prices range from $275,000 to $400,000 depending on size and location. The units, which will have upper mezzanines and bathrooms, can be up-fitted accordingly.

And if you have all the garages you need at home, social memberships will be available.

Van Epps expects to have 58 of the units plus a clubhouse open by the fall of 2023.

While there have been some other complexes in the area where developers have sold storage units as condos, these are the first with an exclusive car collector focus, set up as a private club.

“I envision that our members will store their cars, trucks, RVs, or power-sports toys with the assurance that neighboring units will be occupied by like-minded owners, Van Epps said.

The project on 6.5 acres has been in the planning stage for almost four years.

Porsche heaven

Van Epps owns Sonderwerks, a Porsche performance and restoration shop on the adjacent property just to the south on Chartown.

Right now Sonderwerks employs 13 people; the Werks could employ a total of three when it opens.

“I’d always dreamt of creating this sort of automotive campus, where men and women, similarly bitten by the automotive bug, could come together and share their passion for cars in the same way golfers or boaters do,” said Van Epps.

The location next to I-77 is becoming an automotive hot spot with the new Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep showroom going up nearby.

Clearing begins this month.