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Behave on W. Catawba

Sheriffs and CPD vehicles staged at Wherena

May 3. UPDATED. It looks like Mecklenburg County Sheriffs are out on West Catawba with Cornelius Police just east of the light at Nantz Road. Mecklenburg Sheriff’s spokeswoman Tonya Rivens confirmed the department was stationed there as well as near Bethel Church until 4 pm.

Cornelius Chief of Police Kevin Black said the joint enforcement action is targeting speeders.

“This initiative is being conducted this afternoon in response to Cornelius citizen complaints and observations by our officers in the targeted areas,” Chief Black said. “The goal of this initiative is to maintain safe roadways and prevent traffic crashes through effective speed enforcement.”

After the hue and cry over the Sheriff’s Office enforcing the speed limit on Jetton Road near the county park in February, we’re going to guess the two departments now have an awesome working relationship.

The enforcement actions were staged in the parking lot of Wherena, just east of Nantz Road. There were similar actions set up at Bethel and on Bailey Road near Delmas.

Sources tell Cornelius Today that town officials, including the mayor, Chief Black and the town manager visited Sheriff Gary McFadden in his offices to patch up the relationship.