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An unlicensed driver struck teen cyclist on Jetton

Aug. 6. By Dave Vieser. It was an unlicensed driver who struck a teenage girl last week in the crosswalk on Jetton at the park. Nelder Andres Lainezcruz of Charlotte received a citation from the Cornelius Police Dept. for not having a license.

She told police that she looked in her rear view mirror and saw the cyclist was on her feet so she did not stop.

Speed Limit

Driver unaware

The incident report said she didn’t know the amber flashers meant she should stop.

Lainezcruz was not issued a citation for striking the cyclist.

“The driver wasn’t cited for a crosswalk violation because the cyclist was riding the bike through the crosswalk,“ said Cornelius Police Chief Kevin Black.

“To be considered a pedestrian you must walk the bike through the crosswalk,” he said.

The teenage cyclist, whose name was withheld by police, was not seriously injured.

Cause for concern

The details of the incident were discussed at this week’s meeting of the town Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) which was asked by Mayor Woody Washam and the Town Board to review not only the Jetton Road crossing but any others town-wide where there may be a need for additional safety elements.

The initial recommendations from the TAB included better signage, an education campaign and enhanced speed enforcement. Additional suggestions will be forthcoming from the TAB and submitted to the Town Manager.