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A little night music can go a long way

Oct. 5. By Dave Vieser. For close to three years, Boatyard LKN—formerly Boatyard Eats—has been walking a tightrope of sorts between providing live entertainment and dealing with noise complaints from residents. From public comments at the Town Board meeting last night, they haven’t yet found the magic balance.

“Once again we had several noise complaints this past weekend,” said Commissioner Mike Miltich. “We really need to find the proper noise level which will address the neighbors’ concerns while also allowing this business to succeed.”


Police Chief Kevin Black advised that several complaints came in this past weekend, from both Westmoreland Road and the Magnolia Estates neighborhood on the other side off I-77. In one instance, a noise reading over 90 decibels was recorded.

Sound has a mind of its own

Making the situation very difficult is that live music travels differently depending on atmospheric conditions, topography and the person controlling the sound.

Miltich suggested that police take noise readings in the direction the speakers carrying the music are placed, not just from the complaining neighbor’s property.


Several years ago the town tightened its noise regulations, but enforcement remains challenging.

Responsive management

Town officials agree that Boatyard management has been very concerned and as cooperative as possible.

To register a noise complaint in any situation, residents should contact the Cornelius Police Dept. at 704-892-1363.