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Zillow-Bark study says Charlotte is 4th friendliest dog town in US

June 18. Does your dog have a resume? That’s one of the things every renter with a dog should bring to the leasing office, as well as a budget, according to Zillow and BARK, the company behind the dog subscription service BarkBox.

In fact they just completed a nationwide survey of best cities for pet-friendly rentals, canine cafes and spas and Charlotte came in at No. 4.

The report says: Owning a dog in Charlotte can be a great experience, since it has so many pet-friendly spaces. There are lots of dog parks and trails to cater to the city’s many Baileys and Bellas. If you’d rather relax and get your furry friend some social time, there are spots that offer events specifically for dogs. The Dog Bar, for example, has space for canine birthday parties and breed meetups. So this city could enhance the social lives of both pets and their owners.

Tip: You can use Zillow to find, tour and apply for you and your furry companion’s new home. To find a pet-friendly rental more easily, filter listings with the phrase “Allows small dogs” and “Allows large dogs.” Some listings also describe their rental as “pet-friendly,” so filter for that, too.