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Your 2019 Town Board Candidates Guide/Part 2 of 3

What experience do you have that will make you a good commissioner?



As I complete my first term as a Cornelius Town Commissioner, I continue to rely on a pragmatic, common-sense approach to addressing issues and pursuing opportunities.  This is an approach I developed through my 30-plus years as an executive with a Fortune 1,000 company, founder of a successful Cornelius-based insurance agency and longtime leader on numerous non-profit boards. Within these roles, I have gained significant experience managing operations and budgets. While it is important to have a strong business acumen, I believe it is also important to demonstrate the energy and interest to investigate issues that are important to all Town citizens.  I am currently in my sixth year as a board member and now president of a large home owners association, tackling a wide variety of concerns and opportunities. I have served on the Smithville Community Coalition Board and currently I am a board member of the Charlotte Arts and Science Council, Visit Lake Norman and the Cain Center for the Arts. Rounding out my pertinent experience is the valuable knowledge of municipal governance I have developed as a two term Parc Commissioner as well as a current Town Commissioner.



I have lived in Cornelius for the last 14 years and during that time have sought to support my community as a volunteer in a variety of ways. I have four years experience as a Town Commissioner from 2013 to 2017. In that role I served as the liaison to the Chamber of Commerce and the PARC Commission. Prior to serving on the Town Board, I was president of the Peninsula Property Owners Association for six years, working with residents to improve the quality of the community. After heading a Task Force to successfully address water billing issues, I was appointed by the Mayor of Charlotte to the Charlotte Water Advisory Committee. I served as Chair of that Committee for nearly seven years. I currently serve on the Board of the Cain Center for the Arts as Capital Campaign Treasurer.   In addition, I am currently the Finance Chair for Big Day at the Lake and earlier I was a Board Member on the Peninsula Community Foundation raising money for local charitable causes. I believe my experience in government and philanthropy will allow me to contribute to the betterment of our community as a Town Commissioner.  With a Master’s Degree in finance and my background in public budgeting, I can work to bring technical expertise to the budget process.  As a retiree, I will bring a full-time perspective to the working for our community.



  Cornelius Commissioner since 2005   •  Pre-Development Board

  Land Development Code Board   •  Ada Jenkins Center Board

  Lake Norman EconomicDevelopment Board   •  911 Emergency Board (former Chair)

  Growth Management Committee   •  Cornelius Planning Board beginning in 2002

  Three private corporate boards (current)   •  Former US Army Officer (Airborne & Ranger Qualifed)

  Four daughters in CMS schools and service as Chair, Bailey Middle School Leadership Team

  YMCA youth sports coach – more than 45 teams!



As an almost 20-year resident of Cornelius, it is an honor to be running for Commissioner. My current experience in complex, solution-based technical sales to high level executives along with my volunteer involvement in Cornelius will make me an excellent commissioner. As a leader with sales experience, I will work persuasively and skillfully to ensure that our property taxes are not increased yet again and we slow our growth. Specifically, I will work tirelessly to find a creative solution that preserves Alexander Farm and I will vote against high-density housing and retail. As a local community organizer/volunteer, I worked with the Town Board, town manager, and the NCDOT to widen the road on old Torrence Chapel and install sidewalks. I have been a volunteer religion teacher for St. Mark’s for the past six years and I supported the local veterans by running a silent auction and movie night at the Cornelius Arts Center. Finally, I supported our local community by fighting the tolls. My documents led to an investigation by the NC Office of Inspector General and the World Bank. I fearlessly exposed our toll company’s corruption and did not waver in supporting the interests of our town. As a commissioner, I will always keep the best interests of my constituents and our local businesses in mind.



For 35 years I served as a physician assisting my patients and their families with making critical decisions. I believe that this decision-making and training place me in an ideal position to continue serving our residents on the town board as we too make crucial decisions. For example, I have spent hundreds of hours addressing our town’s No. 1 concern: Traffic. I have done so by actively participating in the monthly Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) meetings, statewide transportation summits, and three regional symposiums, to make sure our Town’s best interests are protected.  The bond package approved in 2018 will fund several much-needed road projects. It will be critical to coordinate these needed projects to minimize the impact of construction. Rest assured I also remain committed to fixing the I-77 contract. In addition to traffic concerns I have served on the Land Code Development Advisory Board (LDCAB) since even before I was elected, and recently on our Pre-Development Committee. This has given me knowledge and insight on planning decisions which help me advocate for the best possible results. I am also serving on the CMS Municipal Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) which is addressing education opportunities for our youth. A commissioner cannot accomplish anything alone. I have worked to merge differing opinions in order to obtain a consensus. Much has been accomplished; more needs to be done. I believe my skills and experience have been and will continue to be beneficial to the Town’s citizens.



As a current member of the Board of Commissioners, I have more than 20 years of on-the-job experience with the Town of Cornelius.  I have been able to build relationships on the County, State and Federal level that have benefited our town and our residents. My experience comes from working through some of the toughest issues Cornelius has faced over the past two decades as well as listening and working with our citizens about their concerns. I have served as Mayor Pro-Tem under two former mayors and have represented Cornelius on local and county boards. Having gained skills from running a small business here, my love of the town as a native, seeing what Cornelius has become and the experience of serving on the board over the years, I have the correct tools to be a good Commissioner for all of Cornelius.




I have served the Lake Norman region in various roles over a dozen years, focusing on education, small business, women-owned businesses, and economic development. I am currently the chairman of the board of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, and I serve on the Lake Norman Economic Development board of directors.  I have served on the North Mecklenburg Rotary Club board of directors, and as chairman of the board of Lake Norman Charter School. My husband Brian and I are local small business owners proud to create jobs and employ people in our area. I also manage over $100 million in Consumer Products sales with responsibility for a multi-million dollar sales budget at a top Consumer Goods company.  My 30+ years in business and serving my community make me uniquely qualified for this position. I believe Cornelius is the best place to live and work, and if elected I commit to maintaining that outstanding quality of life