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Work on I-77 accelerates

Nov. 4. By Dave Yochum. It looks like fines on the order of $30,000 a day are speeding up paving schedules on I-77 between Catawba Avenue in Cornelius and I-277 in Charlotte. Cornelius Police and local officials found out Friday that I-77 Mobility Partners would pave this weekend, causing intermittent closures of the southbound ramp from Catawba onto I-77 through Sunday morning.

NC Rep. Christy Clark said North Mecklenburg has waited a long time for paving to be completed. “We have faced hazardous driving conditions that put the safety of our families at risk,” she said.


“It’s been clear that making the lanes safe has not been a priority for I-77 Mobility Partners,” The NC District 98 assemblywoman said.

Traffic on I-77 was shifted from the general purpose lanes over the weekend into the express lanes just north of Exit 28, which necessitated closing the southbound ramp from Catawba near Gold’s Gym and Wendy’s.

Traffic could exit the I-77 express lanes between Sam Furr Road (Exit 25) and Gilead Road (Exit 23). No tolls were assessed in this section during the detour.

Drivers who chose to stay in the express lanes after the exit point will be charged.

“The exit ramp to I-77 southbound from Catawba Avenue (Exit 28) will experience intermittent closures,” I-77 Mobility Partners said in a message received Friday by Cornelius police.

When the Northern segment express lanes opened last spring, the town was advised that general purpose (GP) traffic could use the toll lanes at no cost to facilitate finishing the paving of the GP lanes.

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Miltich was angered by the sudden decision to pave.

“I am angry that we had to endure a whole summer of uneven lanes, and now they are rushing to get the paving done before cold weather sets in and fines,” said Miltich.


Beginning Sunday morning, motorists can expect intermittent closures of the on ramp from I-485 to I-77 Northbound as crews will be paving in this location. The right general purpose lane between WT Harris Boulevard and I-485 will be closed.

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