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Women’s Conference at Davidson College Feb. 21

Jan. 30. The Davidson College Women’s Leadership Conference is Saturday, Feb. 21 in the Chambers Building. The one-day conference runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Lilly Family Gallery. The cost is $30 for community members and $15 for students. The conference is open to 60 women from the community and 60 students. This year’s keynote speaker is Jill Filipovic, a senior political writer for Cosmopolitan.com. A frequent speaker and on-air commentator on gender, political and legal issues, Jill is a former weekly columnist for The Guardian, a non-practicing lawyer and an editor of the website Feministe. Her work has appeared in Foreign Policy, the Nation, Al Jazeera and the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. Register at WomensLeadershipDavidson.com