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Unwanted visitors in The Peninsula at 4:45 am?

March 2. UPDATE Noon March 3. A Peninsula Neighborhood Facebook post had some residents concerned. The post, in a red box, said: “At 4:45AM two men dressed in black were standing in between my neighbor and our house. Did anyone else have this happen?”

As of noon March 2, Cornelius Police said they had no record of an incident.

But the original poster,  an administrator of the Peninsula Neighborhood page, said “there were two strange men standing about 2-3 feet from my bedroom window at 4:45AM and in hindsight I absolutely should have called the police immediately.”

The Facebook page includes people from around the lake and public officials outside of The Peninsula.

She did call later, at around 7 am, “as I went up to check on my children and fell asleep.” The family lives near Harbor Light and Yawl.

Their doorbell camera did not pick up anything.

The poster said she “just want[s] to make sure that we keep our neighborhood safe. No one should be wandering at 445 near people’s bedroom windows.”

UPDATE From Cornelius Police

“There is not an actual investigation underway, however, our officers that work that zone are aware and will be checking for suspicious activity and or people in that area. We always encourage people to call the police as soon as they see something suspicious to get us out there as quickly as possible.”

In an emergency, call 911