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What’s one thing you learned in 2021 that you will use in 2022?

We asked Cornelius residents that question and got variety of cool answers. 2021 taught us a lot of things about social media, mobs, democracy and the fact that all of us really can figure out how to move on and get along. 

Joe & Joy Dean

This is what I learned in 2021: When you are an inept mechanic with a 45 year-old car that sat covered in your backyard for 20 years, you can watch 923 YouTube videos on auto repair and spend 9 months in your garage, your MGB can rise like a phoenix from the ashes!

—Joe Dean, and wife Joy Dean, own a 1976 MG convertible


2021 was not as tough as 2020 but from a personal perspective, I’ve learned that I can handle more than I thought. Being able to deal with all of the challenges that were thrown at me and still be ready for more is what I take with me in 2022.

—Colin J. Furcht, is a new Town of Cornelius commissioner


In 2021, I learned that against the odds, neighborhoods organized in a civil, friendly way can make their voices heard. Best intentions by elected officials go awry when constituents are ignored. We influenced a local election to cause a positive change. We should continue to fight complacency in our lives in 2022.

—Ginger Knudson, Antiquity resident


Patience. With all the chaos and uncertainty surrounding COVID and the economy, people are on edge. I have learned to be patient with  EVERYONE!!

—Robin Smith Salzman, co-owner Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram


One thing I learned in 2021 is that Cornelius citizens are engaged, organized, and well-informed and want to preserve the unique values of our town.  Based on this, I spent time reviewing the general provisions in the Local Planning and Development Regulation.  I wanted to ensure we, as town commissioners, are fully informed and can staunchly support the desires of our impressive community.  Based on what I’ve learned and moving into 2022 and beyond, I truly believe we can support future preservation strategies and improved infrastructure, as well as entrepreneurial pursuits.

—Todd Sansbury, is a new Town of Cornelius commissioner


To embrace change with grace and positivity. 2021 dragged me reluctantly out of many comfort zones…my workplace, my social circle, even my small town ideology. Over this year, I have embraced these wise words from a yogi: “Bend so that you don’t break.” Cheers to healthy and “bendy” 2022!!

—Paula Wolfe

Paula, a licensed massage therapist, lost her home in a fire in January 2018. She moved into her new home on the site of her old house in August of 2019.