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Weekend weather: Spring, then winter

Feb. 11. Enjoy the sunny spring day today and tomorrow because it gets cold again on Super Bowl Sunday—and not warming up again until Thursday next week.

The high today and tomorrow will be about 66, with breezy conditions today, not so much tomorrow.

Super Bowl Sunday is an entirely different matter. The National Weather Services says there’s a chance of rain and snow before 2 pm, then a slight chance of rain and a high near 42. Chance of precipitation is 40 percent.

—The good thing about Sunday’s weather is that meteorological spring is only three weeks away.

Monday: Sunny, high near 44.

Tuesday: Sunny, high near 54.

Wednesday: Sunny, high near 60.

Thursday: Showers, high near 66.

The seven-day forecast is always a fun read this time of year. Click here to see what the National Weather Service has to say about local weather.