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Weekend weather: Not as hot, lots of sun, heatwave returns next week

June 17. It could hit 97-98 today (Friday) with possible T-storms this afternoon, but Saturday and Sunday will be considerably cooler: 88-89 on Saturday and 84-85 on Sunday. BTW, lots of sunshine now through Thursday…and summer doesn’t begin until Tuesday.

After some respite this weekend, the heat comes back next week.

Photo: Sandy Misner

Monday: 86-87.

Tuesday: 94-95.

Wednesday: 98-99.

Thursday: 96.

Checking our weather is cool (we would prefer cool-ing). The Weekend Weather comes from the National Weather Service. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

PHOTO: Sandy Misner sent us this photo taken from Vineyard Point Thursday night. “One of the most beautiful, eeriest, orangest sky I’ve ever seen.”