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Weekend weather

July 31. Yesterday was a nice break from all that 90-degree weather, right? LOL, it’s coming back, with storms, this weekend. The National Weather Service is calling for highs of 93 today and tomorrow, with 91 forecast for Sunday and showers and thunderstorms likely amidst the heat. Thirty percent chance of showers Friday and Saturday, 40 percent on Sunday. Hurricane Isaias is in the Bahamas, with top sustained winds of 80 mph. It will likely move northwest on its way to Florida on its way up the East Coast. Look for stormy weather next week.

Gov. Cooper has declared a state of emergency in advance of Hurricane Isaias.

Taking shelter from this hurricane will look different from previous ones:


  • Residents and visitors seeking shelter will┬ábe screened for COVID-19 symptoms. If an individual has COVID symptoms, they will be redirected to a non-congregate sheltering option where they can more easily isolate.
  • Social distancing means fewer residents in shelters, and if needed, more facilities and volunteers to shelter the same amount of people as in previous seasons.
  • Maximizing space requirements may mean not all shelters will offer cots. Be prepared to provide your own bedding and care items.
  • Meals will be served in sealed containers and shelters will move away from serving lines or buffets to minimize the potential exposure of everyone in the shelter.