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Weekend weather

March 17. We’re in for another one of those mixed-bag weekends, with scattered showers and temps today in the 60s, sun and cooler temps Saturday (55-ish) and Sunday (49-ish). If you have plants out, the National Weather Service is calling for freezing temps overnight Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And then (long pause) 70 degrees on Thursday.

Friday: Scattered showers and breezy, high near 62. Overnight low around 41, breezy.

Saturday: Partly sunny, high near 55. Overnight low around 30, windy.

Sunday: Sunny, high near 49. Overnight low around 28.

Monday: Mostly sunny, high near 52. Overnight low around 30.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, high near 57. Overnight low around 36.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, high near 62. Overnight low around 42.

Thursday: Mostly sunny, high near 70.

We get the weather report from the National Weather Service. Punch in any Zip Code for the 7-day forecast.