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Web site connects college students to internships

July 10. The pandemic has turned the world on its ear, and one of the areas of life affected was summer internships. COVID-19 means lots of jobs have disappeared, including summer jobs and internships for students. A new website organized by the governor’s office matches North Carolina college students in need of work experience with local governments and nonprofits seeking additional help to support COVID-19 response efforts.

Sierra Watson, a Master of Public Administration student at Appalachian State University, said her internship with the Town of North Wilkesboro has given her an opportunity to have a unique remote experience in a time where adaptability is especially important.

“I’m helping the town research, promote, and offer grants to local business owners in hopes of keeping our community and our relationships strong during the pandemic,” Watson said.

COVID-19 is testing local governments and nonprofits as they work to meet the needs of people in their communities.

“Through these public service internships, students gain valuable on-the-job experience and local governments and nonprofits gain extra help when they need it most,” Gov. Roy Cooper said.

For more information on the NC COVID-19 Student Response Corps initiative, please contact Caroline Tervo at covidinterns@osbm.nc.gov.