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Waste news is picking up locally

June 4. Look for a change in when your recycling is picked up, starting June 14. Waste Pro, the new waste collection contractor, will divide the town into Red and Blue weeks. This change was originally scheduled to occur June 1, but due to some delays in the information being mailed to every resident, the change will occur on June 14.

The mailers should be in residents mailboxes soon. (You’ll learn if you’re on the Blue or Red schedule.)

Each resident will still get pick-up every other week, however the week will change for half of the town. The change will result in a recycle truck in Cornelius every week.


For the transition, all of Town’s recycling will be collected the week of June 7. Starting June 14, recycling collection will occur for the Blue week (these residents will get recycling collection back to back weeks). The week of June 21st, Red week residents will be collected. Red week residents will see no change.

“We expect some learning curve and Waste Pro will pick up recycling that was set out on the wrong week,” said Tyler Beardsley, assistant town manager.