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Vote early (not often) at Cornelius Town Hall

Davidson residents John and Missy Kuykendall voted at Cornelius Town Hall

Nov. 2. By Dave Yochum. Early voting ​is under way this week at Town Hall, ​and, chances are you aren’t going to wait. ​ Cast your ballot from 10 am to 7 pm today​ and tomorrow or ​Saturday, from 10 am to 1 pm.

Davidson voters are turning out, too, with a hotly contested three-way race for mayor and five seats on the Town Board. (On Election Day, Davidson voters will cast their ballots at their own town hall.)

So far, turnout at Cornelius Town Hall looks like this: Oct. 28, 322 votes; Oct. 29, 197 votes; Oct. 30, 376 votes. There’s no way for us to tell where the voters are from. As of Monday evening, 895 people had voted at Cornelius Town Hall.

Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 7 and all four Cornelius precincts will be open: 242/Jetton Park; 240/Community in Christ Lutheran Church; 208/Bethel Presbyterian Church; and 202/Cornelius Town Hall. Go online to find your district:


Vote around lunchtime this week and chances are very good you’ll meet some of the candidates themselves, ready to say hello and ask for your vote. The local elections are non-partisan, which means no one is running as a Democrat or Republican. Here is a sample ballot for Cornelius residents: http://apps.meckboe.org/pages/SampleBallots/SampleBallots/G024.pdf

Cornelius voters will be selecting a new mayor, sort of—community leader Woody Washam is running unopposed—and all five commissioners for the Town Board. School Board Member Rhonda Lennon, a Cornelius resident, is seeking re-election, while Annette Albright and Jess Miller are also running for the post. (Amy Moon Hallman’s name will also appear on the ballot for the school board but she is no longer actively seeking the position). Voters will also pass judgment on a $922 million bond issue for CMS Schools.

Come Election Day, polls will be open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm at: Community in Church Lutheran Church, 7621 Norman Island Drive; Jetton Park, 19000 Jetton Road; Bethel Presbyterian Church, 19920 Bethel Church Road, and Cornelius Town Hall.

The Mecklenburg Board of Elections team responds in a helpful way to phone inquiries as well: 704-336-2133.