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UiC highlights for 2022

Jan. 17. While Unity in Community is looking forward to its fifth anniversary celebration, the group also took time to look at what was accomplished in 2022.

4 large group meetings: January’s theme was  The Color of Law Study book study with guest speakers Staisha Hamilton and Joe Clifford

In April, the  first in-person/Zoom hybrid meeting with guest speakers Lisa Mayhew-Jones and Justin Miller of the Smithville Community Coalition Revitalization Plan.

July’s theme was :Are We Losing Our Democracy? Guest speakers: Janice Robinson, Red, Wine and Blue; Sara Smith, North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, Tara Ewald, Democratic Precinct 127, and Timer Colen, UNCC senior.

In October, the them was Race and Identity: an Intergenerational Conversation with guest speaker Ridgely Chapman, founder and CEO of Global Minds United.

UiC book study: The Color of Law Study book study engaged UiC small groups and several community-based small groups to learn more about the history of local, state, and federal government sponsored segregation in housing.

Support of Smithville Revitalization Plan: In April, the group and supporters participated in Smithville Community Coalition’s march and rally at Cornelius Town Hall. Spoke in support of awarding $6.8M in American Rescue Plan Act funding to the Smithville Community Coalition.

4 candidate forums: In June, UiC hosted a forum for the Latino community. Partnered with the Latino Community Engagement Committee and other Latino/Hispanic organizations.

In October, the group hosted three Racial Equity Candidate Forums. Partnered with local nonpartisan organizations.

Confederate Monument engagement: In January, the Confederate Monument Frequently Asked Questions document was created.

In August and September, the group took a resolution to town leaders to take down the Confederate monument in Cornelius. Several meetings were held with town commissioners.