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Troutman entrepreneur opens luggage shop in Jetton Village


April 1. An octogenarian entrepreneur who lives in Troutman is opening an upscale luggage store in Jetton Village. Winnie Ruth Judd said she would take a 1,200 square foot space adjacent to the new Gourmet Cutlery store.

“First-class travel is what we’re all about,” the 89-year-old Judd said. Her store, which features luxury brands like Louis Vuitton as well as safari lines like Agnes Hedvig, is open from 7 pm to 3 am Monday through Friday. She will keep her job as a medical office secretary in Mooresville “until I’m sure I can make a go of it.” The unusual hours will cater to an international clientele.

She said cutting through the red tape in Mecklenburg County was arduous but fun. Judd has on display a luxurious—but incomplete—set of Louis Vuitton steamer trunks her father purchased in the 1930s. Only two are missing.

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