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Traffic matters back up Alexander Farm hearing

Aug. 6. By Dave Vieser. A public hearing on the $110 million Alexander Farm project, scheduled for Monday Aug. 10, is expected to be postponed until later this month.

“We will be recommending that the Planning Board consider tabling the project until a special meeting on Monday, August 24th at 6:30 pm,” said Planning Director Aaron Tucker. Doing so will give additional time to receive comments from NCDOT on the project’s Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA).


Plans for the mixed-use development on the iconic 54 acre site have been through significant changes since a community meeting and Town Board hearing in 2019.

First, in a major change, the developer reduced the number of detached single-family homes from 84 to 76, and eliminated any age limits for buyers. In addition, property for a possible fire station, which the town once considered vital, has been removed from the plan.

“After much consideration, it was determined that siting a Fire Station on the Alexander Farm Project was going to be difficult,” said Deputy Town Manager Wayne Herron. “While the applicant remained willing to work with the Town, other site opportunities became available and are now being considered.”

Other elements of the updated development plan include a 130-room resort style residential age-restricted apartment complex as well as retail development near West Catawba Avenue and four acres dedicated to parks.

Once the Planning Board conducts its hearing and offers a recommendation to the commissioners, the Town Board will then conduct its second public hearing on the project. The project cannot proceed without a zoning change which, by town law, requires Town Board approval.


One Response to “Traffic matters back up Alexander Farm hearing”

  1. About the NCDOT Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) review:
    There are so many things going on in this part of Westmoreland. They are overloading it. Here are some things that should be on that TIA coming from a real live resident:
    The Northcross Drive Extension is going to terminate at Westmoreland right in front of the farm and bring all that traffic from Sam Furr, Birkdale, the proposed Robbins parks and every other commercial property they will inevitably build along that extension.

    The Westmoreland Athletic Complex, when at full capacity generates a lot of traffic. So much so that people attending park their cars in the Alexander Chase subdivision, which is also where the Northcross Extension will run through.

    There is also heavy traffic through Westmoreland from W. Catawba and Statesville at rush hour.

    All this is going to turn into a major cork and a terrible road planning mess. What is worse is that the Alexander Chase subdivision is right in the middle of this mess and its residents will pay unjustly for all this “progress”. What is even more sad is that many residents of Alexander Chase who are not the original owners, like myself, were never told of this road project BEFORE buying our homes. None of the sellers agents and sellers ever disclosed this major road project under their disclosures as a material fact. Even though this type of project can bring down property values anywhere from 10%-20%. We are going to lose. That is something no TIA can make you understand.

    Posted by Jackie | August 7, 2020, 1:21 am

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