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Town will appeal 45 MPH Speed Limit on Bailey Road  


Dec. 21. By Dave Vieser. Cornelius will seek a reduction in the 45 mph speed limit the DOT imposed on Bailey Road earlier this year, according to Town Manager Anthony Roberts.

The NCDOT raised the speed limit to 45 mph on most of the road as part of new school zones near Hough High and Bailey Middle School. “They would not implement the school zones without raising the speed limit to 45 mph,” Roberts said.

 The new 45 mph area includes sharp turns just east of Poole Place.

However Roberts says the decision by the state to raise the limit pre-dates the significant development which has occurred along Bailey Road, and they will be asking the DOT to take another look. “Many of the intermediate sections between the schools were vacant but have now been developed, so we intend to plead our case to the DOT and play by their rules if we can.”

At the time of the speed limit change, DOT spokeswoman Jordan-Ashley Baker said “we evaluated the road and determined that 45mph was the safe and reasonable speed for this section of road using a variety of factors including amount and type of development.”

 Roberts said he is hopeful that the many new homes going up in the area will convince the DOT to reconsider.