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Town plans World Trade Center monument; meeting tonight


Sept. 9. There will be a special meeting tonight to discuss the town’s new World Trade Center Monument which will center on a 1.5 ton piece of the structure which was attacked 14 years ago tomorrow.

The piece of steel—eight feet long—was donated by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Town officials say it will be used to create a monument that will honor the individuals who lost their lives in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as well as those who continue to face challenges as a result of these events.

The town, according to a press release, has already selected Fire Station No. 1 as the location of the monument to “further acknowledge the impact of our country’s first responders who exhibited extraordinary selflessness and bravery following the attacks.”

Mayor Pro Tem Woody Washam said the town has set up a separate WTC Monument Fund to receive donations.

The town has also developed a project committee consisting of firefighters, policemen, elected officials, citizens and art experts to guide the creative process and raise funds for the project.

At the meeting Sept. 10, the committee will review the project details, discuss goals and identify the roles of each committee member. The team will work together to select and hire a qualified architect or public artist to design the monument. An RFP process will allow interested individuals to submit their Wold Trade Center Monument concepts for consideration. The RFP will open for submissions in the coming months, according to a press release from the town.

Those interested in donating to the Town’s World Trade Center Project Fund may contact Jen Crickenberger at 704-892-6031 ext 166 for more information. The final design of the World Trade Center Monument will offer opportunities for individual and corporate sponsors to be recognized for their contributions to the project. Once the committee finalizes the design of the monument, more information on sponsor benefits will be available.

Arts Center update

Washam said there is an Arts Center “basic task force” being considered. “We have discussed individuals that might be a part of this initial task group which should be appointed soon by the Mayor,” he said. “The group will be expanded as it progresses through different phases of the process to include citizen input as well. There have been discussions about setting up a 501-3C for donations to the Arts Center project. As of now, that is not in place. This project is in the very early stages but will gain much momentum in the weeks ahead.” The town has about $4 million in bond monies available for a new arts center. Funds were approved in a town referendum two years ago.