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Town of Davidson adopts 2020-21 new strategic plan

Sept. 14. After a delay because of the coronavirus pandemic, the town has adopted its strategic plan for this year.

At the start of each new term, the Davidson Board of Commissioners gathers with town staff to review and reaffirm the town’s mission, vision and values and develop a strategic plan to be implemented during their two years in office.  

This strategic plan highlights the board’s top priorities and helps to inform the work which staff will do in support of each of these initiatives.  

In 2020, the Davidson Board of Commissioners and management team originally met in February to develop the strategic plan for 2020-2021. In March, these plans were put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis. In August 2020, the process to adopt the 2020-21 Strategic Plan resumed, and the plan was formally adopted in a unanimous 5-0 vote on August 25, 2020.

The following six goals areas have been identified for 2020-21:

 A Well-Planned and Livable Community

 Preserve our rural area and create well-planned, dynamic community places with connected progressions between them

Historic Preservation

Preserve our historic properties that contribute to our vibrant and unique community and honor the history of the lived experiences of our residents

Connecting People and Places

Expand the town’s transportation network to provide residents and visitors with safe, convenient and efficient travel choices to connect people across the community

Operational Excellence

Provide superior services in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner to our entire community through a professional and committed workforce

Equity and Inclusion

Work together to create a culture of belonging, address our past inequities, provide opportunities for all, treat everyone with respect and dignity, and recognize every voice

Sustainability and Natural Assets

Implement and encourage innovative solutions to environmental, energy, and climate-based challenges

The final plan document, as well as a PDF further detailing the six goal areas and top strategies, may be found on the town’s website at www.townofdavidson.org/strategicplan.

“The board and I are excited to continue this meaningful work on behalf of our community,” Mayor Rusty Knox said.  “We’ve listened to our neighbors and know the goals we’ve included in our strategic plan are those important to Davidson and will help make our town stronger moving into the future.”