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Town manager gets 12% pay raise

Aug. 8. Cornelius commissioners have granted Town Manager Andrew Grant a 12 percent salary increase, bringing his base salary to $185,000 a year. This puts Grant in the middle of town manager salaries in North Mecklenburg.

Huntersville’s pays its town manager $194,782 while the Davidson Town Manager salary is currently at $153,498.


‘High performer’

Grant’s new pay was the result of a salary study for comparable towns and cities throughout the region and state, according to Mayor Woody Washam.

“After much deliberation, the board and I decided that it was appropriate to grant him a market salary adjustment in addition to a standard cost of living increase and his annual merit increase based on the entire boards evaluation of his performance over the past year. Andrew is truly a high-performing Town Manager and we are very fortunate in Cornelius to have him.”

Gilroy is lone no-vote


The vote on the salary increase was 4-1, with Commissioner Dave Gilroy casting the only no vote.

“An over 12 percent increase in our town manager’s base salary during a recession was another ‘bridge too far’ for me,’” said Gilroy.

“At this pace, with compounding, this public service role will be paid $300K in just a few more years. Andrew is solid and effective, and I really enjoy working with him, but there have to be reasonable limits in annual compensation increases for town staff. And competing with other towns to see who can pay more, ‘leap-frogging’ each other each year, is a fool’s game with taxpayers always ending up the losers,” Gilroy stated.

Form of government


Cornelius has what is known as a weak mayor form of government, where the Town Manager functions as the full-time head of the various town departments. As such, his salary is usually the highest among all town officials.

Mayor’s pay

The mayor receives only $14,328 annually while each town commissioner is paid $5,970.

Grant has been with the town since 2003 and has been Town Manager since 2018.



Other than Commissioner Gilroy’s reservations, the rest of the board went along with the salary adjustment.

“Our town is very fortunate to have a talented manager that delivers solid results”:said Commissioner Denis Bilodeau. “This year’s salary and bonus adjustment acknowledges strong financial results and brings Andrew’s compensation in line with the market.”