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Town IT needs $337,000 reboot

Feb. 13. By Dave Vieser. The IT system at Town Hall needs major work, based on discussions at a 2020-2021 budget planning session. The cost: As much as $337,000.

While the work could be budgeted for the next fiscal year, it’s apparently urgent enough for a budget amendment to fund prior to the end of the current Fiscal Year which ends June 30. It’s said to be a priority based on the age and vulnerability of the system to attacks.

“Our staff performed an evaluation of our IT network and system, and have identified some reliability, security, and capacity concerns that need to be addressed,” said Town Manager Andrew Grant.


Officials said privately that deferred maintenance was at least partly to blame.

“We advised the commissioners during the planning session that we recommend replacing servers, upgrading operating systems, and taking appropriate measures to improve our cyber security.”

The Feb. 6 meeting was the first FY21 Budget Planning Session.

EVORAIL is a server-based appliance used for combining compute, networking and storage resources into a single infrastructure system. It is designed specifically for small and mid-sized enterprises and municipalities.  The cost to replace it is $ 224,000.

Other IT costs include:

  • Licensing & Audits $38,000
  • Windows Server Upgrades $5,000
  • Exchange & Decommissioning $5,000
  • Microsoft Office & 365 Hybrid $10,000
  • Workstation Upgrades $5,000
  • Cyber Security $35,000
  • Cyber Security Recurring $15,000


One Response to “Town IT needs $337,000 reboot”

  1. This does not seem like a lot of money for new services and equipment. It sounds very basic. The problem with owned servers is that the physical cost is baked into system for its working life and possible memory expansion for newer applications. Cloud servers have been proved to be more reliable than local servers and systems and software can be upgraded more easily. Higher initial costs could result in future savings in voice and data. For example, my company saves over $10k per month in savings just on telephones at one local branch by changing from landlines to cloud based voip through our computers and cell phones.

    Posted by Arthur T Rouse | February 13, 2020, 6:28 am

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