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Town board will vote on budget Monday

At their Monday June 20 meeting, the Cornelius Town Board is expected to adopt a new operating budget. The $21.88 million spending plan proposed by Town Manager Anthony Roberts calls for an 8.3 percent or 2 cent hike in the town’s tax rate. If approved by the Town Board, it would cost the owner of a median-priced $250,000 home about $50 more per year in property taxes.

However, the board members appear to be split on this proposal. “If we want a town with good roads, parks, police and fire protection and amenities for our citizens, we need to make a contribution to that goal,” said Commissioner Jim Duke. However, fellow Commissioner Dave Gilroy is firmly against a tax increase. “In my opinion, there is utterly no need to increase our tax rate above our current 24 cents.”

Roberts says if his budget is adopted, the funds generated by higher taxes would be dedicated to the town’s transportation capital reserve fund.

Prior to voting on the budget, the commissioners will give those in attendance a chance to be heard. Those wishing to speak must sign in prior to the meeting, which begins at 7 pm at Town Hall on Catawba Avenue.

The meeting Monday night will be the first one since the Town Board voted 5-0 to ask Mayor Chuck Travis to resign. The board also passed a vote of no confidence last week. Back in December, the board also voted 5-0 to censure the mayor, who has spoken out in favor of the the current plan to widen I-77 with tolls.

Pursuant to state law, a budget must be adopted by July 1.