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Town Board will take aim at firearms in town facilities

Aug. 3. By Dave Vieser. The Cornelius Town Board will take up whether the town will prohibit firearms at all town facilities at tonight’s board meeting. The issue arose in June as the commissioners were looking to clarify existing codes and ordinances.

Commissioner Tricia Sisson, last year’s chamber chair and the owner of The Range at Lake Norman on Bailey Road, questioned whether the prohibition of firearms would be appropriate for those individuals who carry concealed weapons permits.

Commissioner Mike Miltich concurred, stating that people who have gone through the process of obtaining a permit are usually well informed on the do’s and don’ts of carrying weapons.

Tricia Sisson

But Jim Duke said, as a gun owner and “strong 2nd Amendment guy,” he supports concealed carry within our community.

“I do however, believe that there are places where concealed carry brings with it certain potential dangers. Public buildings and/or schools where armed police protection is either already in place or available should carry a prohibition,” the commissioner said.

“For Cornelius Town Hall specifically, I cannot support allowing concealed carry for staff, visitors, or elected officials,” he explained.


Town Attorney Karen Wolter is investigating the matter, including any special state laws on firearms pertaining to parks.

Also at tonight’s meeting

The board is also expected to approve the low bid of $1.8 million by the NJR Group for improvements at the intersection of Bailey Road and Hwy. 115.

The meeting, which begins at 7 pm in Town Hall, will be streamed via the town’s web site: www.cornelius.org.

Those wishing to attend and speak in person will be subject to the usual Covid screening and temperature checks. In the alternative, comments can be emailed to TownofCornelius@cornelius.org