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Town Board meeting agenda includes final hearing on rezoning

Oct. 31. Monday’s Town Board meeting, on the night before Election Day, looks like a quick business session with only a few items on the agenda. It begins at 6 pm. To watch online, click here.

Items include:

—Initial planning for the FY 2021-2022 budget process. The new budget must be in place by July 1 of next year.

—Approving write-offs of $16,379 worth of past-due ElectriCities bills, uncollectible for more than 3 years. The town has collected 99.8 percent of revenue billed in FY2017

—The final public hearing on the rezoning of 1.7 acres of town-owned property for the Cain Center for the Arts. The Planning Board unanimously recommended approval in October.

The meeting includes time for open public comments as well as Commissioner Concerns, during which the size and number of new cell towers is expected to come up. To review the agenda, click here.