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Important Dates

Town Board meets Monday on rezoning

At their Monday Nov. 21 meeting, Cornelius commissioners will consider rezoning a 3.05 acre parcel at the northeast corner of Bailey Road and Statesville Road/Highway 21 to permit more retail development. The revised plan submitted by Mariner Properties calls for the construction of three buildings totaling approximately 33,000 square feet, including a one-story restaurant and two future, two-story buildings that will contain a mix of retail and office uses.  “We had originally expected a bank to relocate into our new building, but they decided to renew the lease at their current location,” according to Joe Douglas, who said he was not at liberty to disclose the name of the bank. “So we decided to instead put a free standing one story restaurant at the corner of Bailey and Highway 21, with two office buildings to the north.”

Also at Monday’s meeting, the town commissioners are expected to discuss the next steps concerning the Jetton Road Safety Study, comprising possible changes to the traffic flow on Jetton Road from Charles Towne Lane to West Catawba Avenue.  The town board meeting begins at 7 pm, in Town Hall on Catawba Avenue.