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Important Dates

Town Board: Here’s the meeting schedule for 2024

Dec. 5. The meeting schedule for the Cornelius Town Board was approved by the new Town Board last night: Most meetings will take place on the first and third Mondays of each month, starting at 6 pm in Town Hall.

There are only a few exceptions due to holidays:

In January, there will be no meeting on Jan. 1, New Years Day and the only other meeting for the month will be held on Tuesday Jan. 16 rather than Monday Jan. 15 due to the Dr Martin Luther Kings holiday.

In September the meeting will be moved to Tuesday Sept. 3 due to Labor Day observances on Sept. 2.

In addition to the town board public meetings, a pre-meeting session will normally be held at 5 pm prior to the start of the regular meeting, on the second floor of town hall. These meetings, or portions of the meeting, are sometimes closed to the public due to the nature of the agenda.

If any other changes are required during the year, it will be publicized online and by Cornelius Today.