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Town Board approves changes in quasi-judicial hearings


July 14. By Dave Vieser. The Cornelius Town Board unanimously approved a series of changes in our quasi-judicial hearing process, which will help the town conform with changes adopted during the past two years by the State Legislature.

Chief among the changes will be keeping the 4/5ths super majority for variances, but amending all other quasi-judicial hearings to require just a simple majority for passage. Other modifications include clarifying deadlines for appeals and specifying procedures for the posting of appeal hearing signs.

“These changes will make the town consistent with House Bill 276 that was ratified by the State legislature on June 10, 2013, which modernized these statutes” said Planning Director Wayne Herron.

Also at the July 13 meeting, the commissioners

  • Honored Fire Chief James Barbee who has retired after nine years as the chief of the department. In their resolution of appreciation, the town board said that Barbee was “highly regarded and respected as a leader and fire service professional by his colleagues and we express our gratitude and appreciation for his loyal service.”
  • Reappointed Brian Simmons as Chair of the town’s planning board. His reappointment had been unanimously recommended by the members of the planning board.
  • Accepted an award from Amelia Sloan from the American Cancer Society commending the town and its staff for their participation in the 2015 Relay for Life fundraiser, which was held May 1 at Bailey Road Park.
  • Set July 27 as the public hearing date for an annexation request from Bluestream Properties LLC, which seeks to have the town annex 63 acres on Bailey Road as part of their new housing development.