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Important Dates

TopDeck fundraiser Sept. 9 supports Cornelius Police 

The TopDeck Foundation will hold its second annual fall fundraiser “Whiskey, Wine & Moonshine” Sept. 9 at a pop-up party space in  Hyde Park Storage Suites on Bailey Road. Special guests include Mayor Chuck Travis and Police Chief Bence Hoyle, as well as TopDeck Advisory Board members. This year’s event will provide funds for a uniform upgrade. TopDeck is calling the fundraising campaign “We Got Your Back” as the new body armor will save the lower backs of our officers by reducing the weight and heat that wearing critical safety gear usually entails.

The current officer uniform only allows for body armor to be worn under a uniform  – which can be hot and uncomfortable and it can also limit movement and range of motion of shoulders and arms. The newest innovation in protective uniforms is to have the body armor on the outside of the uniform.

Chest-positioned armor and carry garments can provide ease of movement, a cooler experience and it is a way to carry equipment on the torso instead of placing the weight on the hips and lower back. In addition vest carry equipment allows for more tools and tactical devices to be carried by all sizes of officers. While some critical equipment like flashlights or radios may only weigh a few pounds each, officers can attest to the relief of taking this weight off their lower back and waists for the length of a shift.

The event, which costs $50 to attend under early bird pricing through Sept. 5, runs  7 pm to 10 pm. The dress is “Saturday night relaxed.”

There will be live music, Speakeasy games and beverage and food pairings that will make for a unique experience for the Cornelius community.

“Cornelius is served and protected by a great local police force. This event helps demonstrate the deep community support for our Police Department. The generosity and sponsorships of local businesses, craft brewers, wine providers and distilleries for our We Got Your Back  campaign and other programs  will enable extra equipment, tools, training and morale support for our Cornelius Police Department,” said Don Rainey, a founder of TopDeck.

TopDeck Foundation is a public charity 501(c)3. More info: lkn@lkntopdeck.org or call Bridget Rainey at 703-283-8933.